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2018 Enrollment ongoing

Since the opening of the school in 2016, every year, Keiwakai Nihongo Learning Center has been helping many aspiring Filipinos to pass the Japanese language proficiency examination, and send them to Japan for educational or work purposes. Even at present, students are continuously studying while aiming for their Japanese dream.
Every year, the Japanese language proficiency examination is being held in Manila twice.Currently, the school is looking for aspiring students who are aiming to pass the mentioned examination this coming June. Do not miss the chance, and aim for your dream!

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7/1 At De La Salle University Manila
The 13 students of Keiwa Kai Nihongo Learning Center take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test as one of their requirements for working ad study in Japan. At first, they are very nervous and the same time they are excited because they really study hard to passed the exam. After the exam we went to the Mall of Asia and ate dinner and tour the biggest Mall in Asia for relaxation of the students.
In the middle of ever difficulty lies opportunity – Albert Einstein

6/15 Elderly home care facility visit
Keiwa Kai Nihongo Learning Center together with its Japanese partner agencies visited TAHANANG MAPAGPALA, a home care facility for the elderlies located at Malolos City Bulacan last June 15, 2018.
The said activity aimed at creating awareness regarding the caregiving system in the Philippines at a local perspective. Through a meaningful interaction, the Japanese partner agencies were also able to acquire understanding not only regarding the culturally-sensitive Philippine way of caregiving, but also on the associated hurdles of its caregiving system.
visit the home for the agent the filipino caregiver

6/15 Volunteer work in an orphanage
Keiwa Kai Nihongo Learning Center together with its Japanese partner agencies conducted a volunteer work at an orphanage in Bulacan as part of its commitment in providing community-oriented services in the locality.
As part of the activity, an intermission number was rendered by select children from the orphanage which impressed the Japanese partner agencies.
Keiwakai Nihongo Learning Center does not only provide assistance with learning and employment opportunities to Filipinos but also strives to contribute to the betterment of the Philippines as a nation.
!cid_ii_jitk5kq72 Orphanages

6/11 Mock exam for JLPT certification
In line with this year’s upcoming JLPT that is scheduled on July 1, Keiwa Kai Nihongo Learning Center has conducted a series of mock examination on June 11 to mainly assess the level of readiness of its students prior to taking the aforementioned exam. The series of mock examination is also aimed at determining the students’ weak areas in relation to their knowledge of the Japanese language in order to address them; thus, providing assurance on passing the JLPT.

6/8 Devotional activity
The Keiwa Kai Nihongo Learning Center together with its students visited the Padre Pio Shrine, a parish church and pilgrimage site located at Brgy. San Pedro, Sto. Tomas, Batangas on June 8. This devotional activity aims not only to ask for divine providence in relation to the students’ upcoming exam but also to develop a harmonious relationship between the school staff and students.
padre pio entrace view. the group photo will become calm

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Orientation with Nursing Students at Bulacan State University

Receiving of student certificate

Japanese style exercise with students

Philippine staff working in Japan

◎Original Educational System

・N4 level-specific Japanese language education with supplementary courses on Japanese culture and customs
・Teaching Japanese organizational method through 5S (Seiri – arrangement, Seiton – properly, Seisou – cleanliness, Seiketsu – Sanitary, Shitsuke – Discipline)
・10 students per class limit
・Japanese language class of 5 days a week, 7 hours a day for 5-6 months
・Guidance and support provision by Japanese teachers
・Learning evaluation through provision of exams
・Maintenance of orderliness of classrooms through task assignment

◎2018 Enrollment Guide

Keiwakai Nihongo Learning Center provides the fastest route in acquiring practical Japanese. Focusing on Japanese conversation, reading comprehension, and foundations of grammar, its practical curriculum that is tailored towards Japanese daily living and working, is being thoroughly implemented by the Japanese teachers. Because of this, many students are able to pass the Japanese language proficiency examination every year. As for the examination passers, the school, through its Japanese network of companies, helps them to land a job in various companies through work or technical intern training status, and provides support for everyday living in Japan.
・Shortest route to Japanese life
・Practical lessons by Japanese teachers
・Special lessons for JLPT N4 acquisition
・Support provision for studying or working in Japan

Admission requirements
・Strong desire to learning Japanese language. Age and sex are of no concern.
・Resume (includes educational background)
・Passport, Police clearance, Birth certificate

・2018 up to December period: JLPT Examination date: December 2, 2018
・2019 up to July period: JLPT Examination date: July 1, 2019

KEIWA hours of study
※Miscellaneous Fee:Uniform, handouts, utilities, etc.
※Schedule will be discussed upon enrolling.
※There are cases where you can use a system to support your dreams, such as support from companies and loan system. Please feel free to contact us.

◎Contact Us

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Keiwakai Nihongo Learning Center

San Isidro 1 Paombong, Bulacan
044-931-3431 / 09262687052
Contact Person : Ms. Marites Kaneko
Nihongo Learning Center


◎N4 Passer Privilege!

For those who want to work in Japan
Various support related to work and daily living is provided.
Also, cash back for lesson fee is guaranteed.

After graduation, various support is provided for N4 passers. KEIWAKAI NIHONGO LEARNING CENTER deploys them through Japan’s technical intern training program scheme, or through the school’s Japanese network of companies responsible for work and living coordination activities. In addition to this, cash back for lesson at around 50~100% is guaranteed.
・Lesson fee cash back
・Departure application procedures
・Departure cost loan
・Various procedures relating upon arrival in Japan
・Contract with the host company

For those who want to study in Japan

Introduces Japanese language schools in all parts of Japan.
Provides various support in preparation for living in Japan.

KEIWAKAI NIHONGO LEARNING CENTER introduces Japanese language schools in various locations in Japan. Because the school has partnership with several Japanese companies that coordinate international student acceptance, it provides various support such as introduction of part-time jobs, finding dormitories and daily living.
・School acceptance procedure
・Departure application procedures
・Departure cost loan
・Various procedures upon arrival in Japan