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◎Global for the region

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A global perspective on medical and nursing care is imperative in delivering quality culture-sensitive health care services to our clients. We have been actively creating health care innovations at a global perspective in order to help address the country’s health care issues and concerns. We have already established strong linkages with nearby Asian countries where foreign health care workers can be employed. Such foreign health care workers shall be equipped with the necessary potentials such as the provision of Japanese language education, Japanese-driven nursing care education, among others.

Interview : Foreign health care professionals from Direct acceptance


◎Hospital nursery school~ support my working mother

“Suku Suku nursery room” started in 2016 is a nursery nursery school for children up to 2 years old. All staff members, including the part, can receive preferential treatment that can be used at special rates. We also support mothers working by preparing a system to lighten child-rearing periods even slightly, such as childcare leave and time shorts. In 2017 all new nursery schools will be open. (The picture is a completed model)

◎Keiwakai Medical College
“Nursing care staff’s initial training course”

We put great importance on capacity building of our human resources. Keiwa Kai Medical College is a health care educational institution that harnesses the potentials of our health care worker aspirants towards becoming full-pledged employees. The initial training course for nursing care staff is an introductory stage where fundamental nursing care concepts are taught and nursing-related activities are demonstrated in order to ensure the smooth acquisition of essential knowledge and skills prior to workplace deployment.

Through a systematic approach on capacity building such as the “first-in-person training,” our aspirants can progress from being a “health care worker” to becoming a “health care manager.” Such program is based on the premise that a huge volume of manpower is needed by the nursing care industry due to the country’s demographic aging. Hence, to help address this emerging concern, we have implemented timely capacity building programs on health care.

Preferential Treatment System

Credentials are an essential requisite in order to advance one’s nursing profession. We at Keiwa Kai Medical Corporation provides full support to our health care workers who endeavour to cultivate their learning through the expansion of nursing care services that they are providing, deepen their knowledge through continuous nursing education, and keep their motivation in doing their roles and functions as heath care advocates. Simply put, we exercise a preferential treatment system for our health care workers who wish to obtain necessary qualifications.

Japanese Language Class

As Keiwakai Medical Corporation actively engages foreign health care workers in pursuit of its globalization efforts, the provision of Japanese language education to these individuals is one of our primary considerations. The Japanese language class that we have established offers services that are free of charge and positively creates a remarkable learning atmosphere that guarantees agile language learning. The said class also equips our foreign health care workers with the necessary knowledge and skills that are essential for day-to-day living in Japan.