Nursing Care Department


To relieve the worries of everyone in the region, our medical and nursing care is done through cooperation, which we have established through a thorough system. It is the aim of Keiwakai.

We cherish our patients in nursing care, both body and mind, for the life of the patients. Care should not only be for the assistance of the elderly and the handicapped. In order to improve the bodily health of the elderly, we prioritize the service of each person, providing a high degree of satisfaction through our services.

We strive to improve the quality of life in regional healthcare contact service as well as medical care and long term medical care through cooperation.

1. Cooporation

Cooperation in medical and nursing care. That is the greatest
strength of Kewaikai.

The elderly people continue to function even if their bodies continue to decline. Which is why attentive care is required, so we provide generous medical care. It is not only the environment in which the said services is provided but also the place.Even in areas that are least taken care of, we will continue to provide continued service.

2. Community-Base

Through close contact with the region for more than 30 years in
Kawasaki-Ku, Oda, we aim for long term care to help everyone in
the region.

There are now 40 centers for Medical and long term care facillties as of
2015 of MarchMany of them are located within a 500m radius of the
headquarters clinic in order to provide medical and nursing services for those which cannot be reached, accidents in care of the facility are immediatelt treated through medical staff such as doctors and nurses to provide you a sense of security.

3. All-rounder

Corresponding long-term care needs from rehabilitation up to group home care, equipped with facilties that correspond for every long-term care needs.

We provide care for a variety of services that is needed
For example, there are mild cases where only maintenance of function is needed. There are others that are aimed at recovery. While there is need for outpatient services with higher medical dependence, we provide a cooresponding service to all long term care needs, through strong cooperation of medical and nursing care.


Day care rehabilitation

We provide bodily rehabilitation at home, instead of going to a clinic, through a service that follows the attending physicians instructions. We will follow the recovery of everyday life for the independence of mind and bodily function

Day Service Center

We provde day service center through transportation for those who have difficulty as part of our facilities, such as bathing, lunch service. Our care management provides a care plan for optimum support.

Dementia Day Service

In day services for those who have dementia, we provide bodily help for those who have
the disease through an environment where they can life through themselves. We promote communication as well as rehabilitation, fun and recreation, increased awareness, social participation, and self-support

Medical Day care

Medical day care, depending on your situation, and attentive support for people where there is need for medical treatment by nurses, for people with incurable diseases as well as late stage cancer where it is difficult to obtain normal day service.

Keiwakai Health Club

Keiwa Kai Health Club is day service facility for outpatients in the nursing care insurance system . For those who need to stay in the existing day service and day care, it is recommended for such persons.

Group Home

For those diagnosed with dementia, it is a service for those needing main support and care, through a small staff of people, it provides long-term care services to alleviate the difficulties of dementia, in a facility where the atmosphere is as relaxing as the home.

Service for the elderly

Rental housing for various services for the elderly to live safely, such as the provision of meals, laundry, excretion assistance, health management patrol.

Small scale multi-functional home

Care services for the elderly which can be provided through visits from nursing and care staff.

Helper Station

Care workers and home helpers visit the house and provide assistance and consultation for day to day life.

Regular patrol and correspondence visit

Home service which the individuals will be able to receive, as well as through correspondence.

Regional Comprehensive Support Center

A counseling agency commissioned from Kawasaki, where the elderly are given support through social workers, chief care managers, and public health nurse.

Home Support Center

To use the long-term insurance and necessary care, we respect and take into account the physical and mental state and family circumstances; it is a place where help is always available for appropriate services.
Care manager becomes a conduit of available bidder and service operators, response to a variety and series of consultation about the communication, coordination and care.

Home-visit nursing station

Observation, as to medical condition, as per nursing and nursing care method, rehabilitation, treatment of bed sores, end-of-life care, catheter management, and cooperation with a range of care by the physician and related medical institutions, and nursing based on the appropriate decision with the given support.