Provision of holistic client health support through the collaboration of medical and nursing cares

Established in 1986 as an orthopaedic clinic, Keiwa Kai Medical Corporation has successfully expanded and continuously offers a variety of medical and nursing care services within Kawasaki area. Such health care services include the “Nozue Clinic” which provides medical services, “Day Service Center” which caters to elderly clients including those with dementia, “Rehabilitation Center,” Keiwa Kai Health Club,” “Group Home” which renders nursing care services, “Housing for Elderly with Service,” among others. We offer a variety of health care services in order to ensure our responsiveness to every client’s health needs.


名称未設定-2Keiwakai Group TOP
野末整形外科歯科内科 - コピーMedical Care Department
_F0A2390_調整Nursing Care Department
IMG_1263 のコピーFeaturing Keiwakai Group
EN120Keiwakai Medical Corporation
EN132Keiwakai Medical Limited Company

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